We are a group that created the brand Comfy Crib and in addition provide reviews and comparisons of different products in the market.


Our product is a crib wedge. It is a foam pillow that goes in a crib under the bed sheet to elevate a baby’s head to provide relief from acid reflux. The services we are providing are reviews of different child/baby products in the market as well as parenting tips.


Comfycrib.com is all about helping people find answers to common and not-so-common questions when raising kids, evaluating different products in the market and help others understand the emotions of raising kids.  The the benefits and risks involved with different products and parenting tips. The goal is to achieve a level of trust with our audience so that they will come to the site looking for answers to their questions. What should stand out is a site with a easy aesthetic toward parenting, children, and toddlers.

“Wished we would have purchased this months ago! My little one has had bad reflux issues since day one, and we too were afraid to lay her flat on her back each night, especially before she could really move her head around. Our baby girl is now 8mos and just got her first cold. We were desperate for something to help ease her congestion at night. I know the packaging says not to use if the child can roll over on their own, but I don’t see where that would be an issue. Our little did roll off of the wedge a few nights, but it didn’t put her in danger…..she was just at the other end of her crib. Loved the brief story that was included in the packaging about the creators LO and why it was created. Definitely recommend this comfy little pillow/wedge for anyone who has a child with reflux and/or a cold.”


“My son has always been difficult to burp so he has spit up pretty frequently. I bought this after comparing other wedges …

I bought this for when my 2 month old moves into his crib for naps and out of the Pack n’ Play he currently sleeps in. My son has always been difficult to burp so he has spit up pretty frequently. I bought this after comparing other wedges and decided that it was a good price and seemed that it was dense enough to make a difference. It fits in the crib perfectly and doesn’t seem to move easily. He hasn’t taken a nap on it yet but lays on it whenever we play and when he’s content looking at his mobile for a little while. It’s made of a dense foam and just barely indents with his almost 14 lbs on it so I feel like it will grow with him well.”

Emily B

This wedge is clean and comfortable. Very well designed. However it does not fit a bassinet.

Marjem Kalter

Works well with our travel bassinet to keep the elevation and confined feel while transitioning from the rock and play.

Charleston, SC

The product is great. The angle is perfect. Unfortunately, our little girl refuses to sleep on her back. 🙂


Didnt use for long but worked great but was great transition to get my son out of sleeping in the boppy lounger



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